Annual Meeting 2009 - 2010

Annual Meeting 2009 – 2010

Meeting began at 7:30 PM, October 1, 2009 @ Golden China, Appomattox, VA, USA


  • Grandmaster Jeffrey A. Lewis – Director
  • Grandmaster Garrett Johnson, Jr. – Senior Trustee
  • Master Brian Cook – Trustee
  • Mrs. Tammy Cook
  • Thresea Lewis – Officer – Secretary/Treasurer – Outgoing
  • Kim Magruder – Temporary Officer – Secretary/Treasurer – Incoming


  • Master Calvin Green was unable to attend due to illness.
  • Also in attendance:
  • Ray Carmichael – Black Belt Candidate
  • Mr. John Kennedy – Black Belt guest.
  • Mrs. Beverly Johnson
  • Mrs. Cook

Grandmaster Lewis gave a brief review of the 2008-2009 year, showing an increased membership in the active student/associate members, and Black Belt/Masters members.

Grandmaster Lewis mentioned that Patches will have to be ordered soon, since so few are remaining due to the membership increase.

Premium gifts were discussed for this year’s Black Belt and Executive supporting members.  (These pay $50 or more in donated support)

ID cards are proposed, and a sheet of Order business cards for Black Belts and Executive Supporters.  Additionally, Black Hats, and Polo Shirts, with gold Order emblems are requested by many members, and will be ordered by Director Lewis.

If financially practical, commemorative plaques will be made for active 2009 – 2010 Black Belt and Executive Supporters.

Due to illness, Thresea Lewis has requested to be replaced.  She will remain as a trustee, but Kim Magruder will take over her duties on a trial basis.  At the end of this year, Ms. Magruder may be installed as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Board Members agreed to Grandmaster Lewis authorizing expenditures from the Treasury to accomplish our missions, and to authorize reimbursements from the Treasury for personal moneys spent on Order business.

The late Grandmaster Bethel was remembered.

Eighth Degree Master Garrett Johnson Jr. received the title of Grandmaster and was presented with the last Certificate signed by the late Grandmaster Bethel.  He is one of two Grandmasters of Combat BuDoKwan.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 PM, and included a meal for those who attended.


This Order of Combat has had a full year of activities and accomplishments.

We staffed and supported the Virginia Commonwealth Games Karate Competition.  We had general promotions on the 4th of July.

We traveled to the Kareja Do Seminar in Charlotte, NC and demonstrated Weapons Defense Techniques, and made a number of new friends from the whole of Southeastern U.S..

We have added at least seven new Masters and Black Belts to the ranks of our membership.  We have several Lodges that are actively engaged in training, not just for a couple of Black Belts, but they are bringing in underbelts and training them according to our martial philosophy, stressing Community Service, Citizenship and Education.

War Horse Lodge - One of our new Masters, Master Williams, who is a Grandmaster in his own right, is bringing a new Lodge into existence, the “War Horse” Lodge of Bluefield, Virginia.   WETSU!  They specialize in mixed martial arts, Hapkido, boxing, and full contact fighting arts.

Recently, Masters Thompson and Zalvino from NJ, and Master Goldner of PA came down for a day of tactical shooting, and then attended the Appomattox Railroad Day Parade with the Mountain Eagles.  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship.

Grandmaster Lewis is planning visits to the War Horse Lodge in Bluefield, the Gray Wolf Lodge in Roanoke, and Iron Mantis Lodge in NJ before end of 2009.

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