Summer 2010 Announcements


Promotions will be awarded on Sunday, July 4th

Saturday July 3rd

Campout and Training Seminars will be held for Order Members, of all Ranks.    Promotion Ceremony will be held on Sunday. (The Appomattox Community Center will be reserved on the 4th, so that promotions will take place on 4 July regardless of weather).

Eligibility – All registered members are eligible to appear before the Board for promotion to higher Ranks.

Requirements – All Black Belts and Masters interested in a promotion must complete a Community Service Activity and write it up in essay or report form and turn it in before the test date of July 4th.  New Black Belts must meet the requirements set forth by the Instructor of their particular training system and be recommended.

Grandmaster Lewis’s Appomattox Class students must perform at least four advanced exercises, demonstrate Self Defense against one or more attackers using demonstration weapons and empty handed attacks, demonstrate fighting skills, demonstrate endurance and power appropriate to their age and size.


  • Camping and/or Test attendance $25 per individual to Mr. Lewis, for arrangements and officiating
  • Master and Black Belt Rank Promotions require a $50 Donation to Treasury
  • There is an additional Belt Fee of $25 for Black Belts and Master’s Belts
  • Masters and Black Belts MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE   by June 13 so Belts can be embroidered and Certificates prepared.  Master’s programs are arranged through Grandmaster Lewis in advance.
  • Contact Grandmaster Lewis at 434-993-1954 to discuss Black Belt and Master’s eligibility.
  • All promotions are meritorious.


Marriages  Planned

  • Master Samuel Albright and Ms. Tina Coffey (both Marines) Friday – May 14
  • PFC. Huey Polling (US ARMY) and Ms. Jennifer Carr May 22

Promotions and Graduations

  • PFC Sean Cremer promoted to LCPL USMC
  • PFC Caleb Morris Graduated USMC Paris Island Boot Training


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