Order Members Promoted--June 2010

The Order of Combat-USA announced 17 Black Belt and Master’s promotions over the month of June.

The Awards Ceremony was held at the Appomattox Community Center on the 4th of July, and included a presentation to our local Black Belts here in Appomattox.  Awards also went out to Black Belts in Roanoke, and Bluefield, Virginia, also to New Jersey and California.  The Order of Combat is a non profit Martial Arts Association dedicated to Citizenship, Education, and Community Service.  Each Black Belt must perform community service activities as part of their training.


Promotion List for June 2010

First Degree Black Belt
Thresea Lewis
Kim Magruder
Ray Carmichael 
David Griffen
Phillip Smith
Maurice Turner
Patrick Fowler
Ebony Austin
Latie Gough
Hope Irvin

Second Degree
Tina Albright
Nick Microutsicos
Fifth Degree Master
Samuel Albright
Brian Cook
Clifton Thompson
Frank Zalvino

Garrett Johnson Jr.
Hank RR Williams

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