OCUSA Members Activities for the Nation and Martial Arts


Black belt member, Phil Smith (below), was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and has assumed command of the 24th Battalion of the Virginia Defense Force. The Defense Force is part of the Virginia National Guard. LTC Smith is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institue (VMI). Phil graduation from the Basic Officer's Training Course, where GrandMaster (Major) Lewis acted as the senior tactical officer. Phil was the outstanding graduate of the class.    Phil and his wife Janet live with their two dogs in the Rocky Mount area of Central Virginia. Phil has been a member of the Order for 20 years. 

Black Belt Justin Gorish (below) is seen guarding a pirate prisoner in the far East. Since leaving the Marine Corps,  where Justin was Security for President Clinton, where Justin flew on MWHG-1 President’s Helo, Justin has worked and managed several high level security operations. See where Justin has been working. http://seaguardsecurity.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22&Itemid=29

Master Brian Cook (below) has had a very busy couple of years.  He retired November 28, 2011 from the US Army.  Brian then worked for the Office of Budget and Management within the US Department of State. Brian now works for the Acquisitions and Security Department within the US Department of Justice.  Brian is also very busy with family life. Brian's son, Tyler, is in the US Army Reserve and has just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. His daughter, Jamie, is expecting a second child, so Master Cook will soon spend most of his spare time with his two grandsons (Gabriel and Lachlan). They enjoy jumping on Brian's head in an attempt to give him a heart attack at every opportunity.  Brian will also celebrate his 28th anniversary with this beautiful wife Tammy in June 2013.

Budokwan Black Belt, Moses (Steven) Chambliss, (below) is shown receiving an award from GradMaster Lewis. Master Chambliss was an original student of GrandMaste Jai Chil Shin, the head of the original US Tang Soo Do organization. Master Chambliss is over 70 years old and still teaches class one night a week in Trenton, NJ. Master Chamblis is being considered fro promotion to 7th Dan by the World Tang Soo Do Fderation!

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