Awards 2012 Announcement

We are having a Promotion and Awards evening with light refreshments.  It will be both an Order of Combat event and a class event for the Appomattox class.  It will take place at the Appomattox Recreation Department/Community Center, December 19, Wednesday evening, at 7 PM.  If you are not in the Appomattox class, but would like to attend, give me a call at 434-993-1954 or 434-609-6058
Jeff Lewis - Director

Welcome to that time of year- belting up!  All students are working extrra hard to perfect their Combats during class.  Now, it is super important not to miss any classes.  The date for the ceremony is December 19 at 7PM.  This is our annual event, so there will be refreshments afterwards.  There will be a sign up sheet in class for food donations, so please bring your holiday specialties.  Also, there is a fee to belt up ($25.00)  This must be paiod in advance, or your student will not belt up.  There are no exceptions.  Please remember, we do not belt students for attendance, so you student must earn their belt.  Testing and evaluation will be conducted by Grandmasters from the Order of Combat-USA, and Certified Karate Instructors.   So, please support your students by encouraging them to practice at home, to make all classes and pay your fees on time.  Reminder, students who are behind in their tuition will sit out of class.  Also, remember that each student must have a black uniform in order to belt up.  Once again, if there are any problems, contact the instructor, NOT THE RECREATION CENTER, as the belting up is done and set up by the instructor, Kim Magruder. and the Order of Combat-USA.  If you would like to help in any way, please give Ms. Magruder a call.  Any donations and help will ensure a top spot on Santa's list.
Thanks for supporting your student, Kim Magruder.  Contact 434-607-5856.

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