ORDER OF COMBAT-USA, Incorporated adopts the original statement of purpose and association:

  • The Order of Combat was originally founded as a Fraternal Association of Military Veterans, that were also Black Belt Instructors and Masters.
  • The purpose is to maintain a professional/fraternal organization that provides a system for the training, certification and advancement for U.S. Veterans, Active Military, Law Enforcement, and U.S. Citizens interested in the study and instruction of the Martial Arts;
  • To promote understanding of the duties of US Citizenship.
  • To educate members and others of the proper use and display of the U. S. Flag To advance the Education of Members, and the public, not limited to Martial Arts knowledge, but to include Academic, Business and Technical development, and the encouragement thereof.
  • To promote the ideas of Service; Military, Community or Organizational.
  • To organize activities promoting Martial Skills and Good Sportsmanship.
  • To recognize/ publicize the Martial Arts, to promote participation in, and support of our Military, and to award the accomplishments of Members and their families.
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